Let’s Dive Into My Ideal Workflow.

1. Finding Your Goals

It’s Important before we begin that we discover the goals for the project, what you’re hoping to achieve with it and who you target audience is. 

2. Proposal

Once your goals are established I will provide you with a proposal outlining a time estimation on how long I think the project will take and a quotation.

3. Planning

You’ve agreed and signed the proposal! Now it’s time to start bringing your idea to life. This phase will be researching which technologies would be best suited for this project and what will work best with your target audience.

4. Wireframe/ Design

This is the stage where we get really creative and develop the overall feel of the site and how it will look, you will review the project at this point to make any major adjustments you want.

5. Content

Design sorted? Sweet! Now it’s time to pump the design with actual text and images. This will be provided by you and can be changed at any time using the content management system.

6. Development

Now the design is complete and your content is in, it’s time to make it a reality. This is the stage that will take the longest but will also be where you finally see the result of all the work so far. You will have something tangible to play with and make minor adjustments if needed.

7. Testing

Just because it’s built doesn’t mean it’s ready to be shipped. I’ll be cross-browser/platform testing to make sure your website works everywhere.

8. Walk Through & Deployment

It’s time to go live but before we deploy the site, I will sit down with you and walk through how to update the content using your content management system. Now it’s time to deploy and show your awesome idea to the world.

9. Maintenance

Once the the site goes live my job doesn’t finish there. I will keep my eye on it and make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. If you’re too busy to keep the site updated yourself, we can talk about a retainer where I can look after that side of things for you.

Ramez Alsbai

web Developer

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